Are You Ready for Coworking?

Considering transitioning your property or company to coworking? As the mainstream workforce continues to transition, beginning a dialogue around ‘Coworking Readiness’ is a timely topic for everyone involved. We have developed a method to catalyze that dialogue.

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Workplace and consultancy strategy for asset owners, corporations, and small businesses who are ready to take the first step towards joinng the coworking phenomenon.

Leverage our experience on strategy and industry best practices.  We can help get more value out of properties and enter new markets more effectively. 


Need operations for your building, exisiting coworking facility or enterprise?  Deployable operations model in coworking-ready locations is one of our many specialties. 

From facilities management, staffing – to selecting the right technological solutions to successfully operate your location, we have an experience team to support you every step of the way.

Free Coworking Calculator

Does it make financial sense to start a coworking space? 

Get a Customized Realistic Revenue and Profit and Loss Estimation for your Coworking Space. Based on 9 years of coworking consulting and ownership.  Our projections are based on US coworking trends and best practices. Our model is best used for property owners thinking about converting their property or entrepreneurs evaluatiing different locations and leases.

The Asset Owner Dilemma

How to participate in the “Future of Work“ ?

The majority of our clients that approach us at OWA are building owners, property developers, or real estate investment groups that are trying to find ways to leverage the coworking model in a way that is right for them. Often there is an appetite for experimentation for coworking, but a need for a pragmatic path forward. We can help.

Smooth Operations

Selecting the right human, services and tech resources for success.

It takes a lot to operate a coworking space from billing to identifying the right text to ensure that your members experience is ptoductive, fun and secure.

We help identify, select, implement and support all resources needed to get your coworking space up and running smoothly.


Coworking is booming. The industry is growing and hybridizing so fast, we’re having a hard time keeping up with it.

Ready to talk coworking?

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Let’s start the conversation about your coworking project and explore a potential collaboration.  We are a team of coworking veterans who are ready to consult with real estate developers and companies looking to embrace coworking within their respective business models.

Things to think about:

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Premium Average Rent

An increasing number of office landlords are offering flexible options to tenants who desire temporary space or a lease commitment of less than three years.


Added Services and Revenue Streams

Create a “workplace as a service” model, focusing efforts on value added services and revenue streams that enhance member experiences, which give tenents an edge over a home office, the coffee shop, or even a corporate office.


Attract And Retain Tenants

Happy, productive coworking communities attract more progressive companies, accommodate potentially high-growth startups, and fill empty spaces before presenting them to potential long-term tenants.


Assets, Amenities and Hospitality

Tenants, corporations and small businesses are looking for productivity, not just another office building. Build healthy coworking communities through amenities, hospitality, events, services, experts and digital platforms.